Dog fouling on children’s playpark in Montrose

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Angry parents are calling for a clampdown on dog fouling at a popular children’s playpark in Montrose.

A number of them have contacted local councillor David May to express their concerns about the mess left by dog owners on the park on the Mid Links.

Mr May said: “In the last week I have received many complaints from parents about dog fouling in Green Park, or commonly know as the Butterfly Park, in the links area in Montrose.

“I checked up on this and was appalled at what I saw and call on irresponsible dog owners to take action. There is no excuse for this minority of dog owners not to clean up after their dogs anywhere but it seems even worse to leave dog mess in a park with a considerable amount of play equipment which is used by 
young children.

“I have been in touch with the community wardens and they will now make a point of regularly visiting the area of the park. I have also asked the parents, and indeed call on others in the town, to pass on details of any irresponsible dog owners to me or any of the other 
Montrose councillors.

“Contact will be made with the dog wardens to take action and in the past this has led to dog owners facing fines and changes in their behaviour.”