Dog gets nicotine poisoning from eating discarded cigarette butts on Montrose High Street

Springer spaniel Zeus ate several cigarette butts and got 'nicotine poisoning'.
Springer spaniel Zeus ate several cigarette butts and got 'nicotine poisoning'.

A Montrose dog owner is warning other local canine carers of the risks which are posed by discarded cigarette butts.

Jane Watson’s beloved two-year-old springer spaniel, Zeus, ate several cigarette butts while she was taking him out for out on a walk, which vets say gave him ‘nicotine poisoning.’

On an early morning walk last Wednesday (June 10), unbeknownst to Jane, Zeus had a “feast” in Montrose High Street.

Jane, owner of Mum’s of Montrose tearoom on Castle Place, told the Review she had not seen her pet eat the cigarette butts but knew something was wrong when he became very ill when they returned home from their walk.

She said: “All was usual, breakfast was eaten and when he was called for his walk an hour later, a nightmare began, Zeus could not walk, he then had coma-like symptoms and, when taken to the vet at 8.30am, he was kept in overnight with a drip to aid digestion.

“Zeus passed an enormous amount of cigarette butts and was diagnosed as having ‘nicotine poisoning.’”

Zeus’ treatment after swallowing the cigarette butts cost Jane £216.34.

She added: “We are happy to report that Zeus is back to his usual springy self.”

The problem with discarded cigarette butts is that the smokers have inhaled the nicotine into them and it is highly concentrated.

If you suspect your pet has ingested any, take them to the vet as a matter of urgency, as fast treatment is required in cases of nicotine poisoning.