Dog mess at day care

MONTROSE Day Care Centre staff are crying foul after a dog or dogs created a mess in the centre’s garden.

Manager Irene Mitchell this week said the problem of dog fouling in the garden area in front of the Panmure Place centre, as well as the footpath along the side of the building, has got gradually worse.

She said: “It’s quite disgusting and it’s our staff who are having to clean it up. It has been going on for a while but it has been extremely bad since just before Christmas.

“It has been an on-going problem but it’s happening more often. It’s a nice, well-kept garden and our users like to sit out there in fine weather and they’re having to look at that.

“We’re just asking for people to stop their dogs doing that or to clean up after them - just don’t leave it.

“We’re also asking our neighbours nearby to look out for who is doing this and tell use, and we’ll take it from there.”