Dog owners warned after virus outbreak

DOG owners in Montrose have been warned to check their pets’ vaccination records after an outbreak of the deadly Parvovirus.

Ian Anderson, a vet with Robson Veterinary Hospital in Laurencekirk, said two puppies in the town have already died from the infection despite intensive treatment and he urged all owners to ensure their dogs are fully protected.

Mr Anderson also said the only short-term measure that can be taken other than vaccination is to avoid risk areas where other dogs are exercised.

He said: “Parvovirus can easily be spread via dog faeces, direct dog to dog contact, or even on shoes. When it affects unprotected dogs young or old it can be very serious with continual vomiting and bloody diarrhoea, in many cases despite the best veterinary care the dog cannot be saved.

“The distress to the dogs, their owners and their vets is obvious.

Anyone who believes their dogs may not be covered should contact their veterinary practice to ensure that vaccination protection is fully up to date. A vaccine amnesty will be announced for July to help owners who may have fallen behind with their dog’s immunisations and full details are available by contacting the The Robson Veterinary Hospital on 01561 377314. The Robson Vet Practice in Northesk Road can also be contacted on 01674 676385.