Don’t fall foul to football scam in Angus

Watch our for the latest scam to drop through your letter box.
Watch our for the latest scam to drop through your letter box.

Angus Financial Abuse Support Team (FAST) is urging residents to be vigilant after an elderly Angus resident received a scam letter promising prize money of £900,000.

The team were alerted by a family member of the man after he received apparent notification of having won £900,000 from a so-called “International FIFA World Cup Online Lottery”.

It asked him to make contact to begin the “Claims process”.

Fortunately the letter was spotted by the elderly resident’s daughter who passed it to FAST via the Angus Adult Protection Unit.

FAST is a specialist multi-agency team aimed at targeting the criminal activities of scammers and supporting their vulnerable victims.

A virtual team, it comprises of partners including Police Scotland, Trading Standards and social work and health.

They carried out some straightforward online research that showed the companies pretending to hold these promised lottery winnings were non-existent.

The letter was most certainly a scam.

A FAST spokesman said: “These scam letters can cause misery.

“We strongly advise anyone who gets a letter or phone call stating they have won a lottery they never knew they’d even entered, or other promises of money to be instantly suspicious.

“Never send any money away, or provide your personal information to a stranger, especially your bank details”.

Anyone who has been victim of a scam, or who knows someone who has, can contact Angus Council Access Line on 03452 777 778

For more about financial harm and scammers see our Scam Free Angus information or go to or Twitter @scamfreeangus