Don’t forget the charity shops!

THIS is national ‘Choose a Charity’ week. Claire Jaycock, manager of the local DebRA shop has asked the Review to remind people to hand in stock.

Claire wrote: “Most charities on the High Street are registered with the Charity Retail Association and over past months we have all felt a change in donations. People are turning to businesses that offer to buy clothing by weight.

“We thank all our donors for the support they have shown over the past six years. But we would also like to see new people start donating. I believe many people are unaware of what we will accept and can sell. All good quality items - clothing, bric-a-brac, books and toys - and electrical appliances are welcome. We also recycle unfit to sell items and sell as rags by the weight; this is also the case with books.”

Claire concluded: “Montrose has always been incredibly supportive of DeBRA. We continue to play a huge role in fund-raising for our charity and hope for continued support with stock donations.”

For more information contact Claire or Alana on 01674 677268 or pop into the DebRA shop for donation sacks.