Donations for Gambian nursery

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LOCAL children have been building a link with a nursery in Gambia by donating toys and clothes for its pupils

Local businesswoman Jackie Learmonth, who has a strong link with the Kunta Kinteh Nursery, Fanji Kunda, in western Gambia, visited the Lochside Pre-school Playgroup recently with pictures the children had drawn and to give a talk about their nursery.

Mrs Learmonth has been a regular fund-raiser for, and supporter of, the nursery as well as sponsor of the football team attached to the school.

She became involved with the school, which deals mainly with orphans, around three years ago when she began fund-raising to help build the new facility.

Mrs Learmonth raised around £16,000 over two years and has maintained a close connection with the nursery and its authorities ever since. At the same time she has supported the team which is made up of youngsters and carers.

In return, the Montrose children have been learning more about the community in Africa and donated toys and clothes for Mrs Learmonth to take back with her on one of her regular visits.

The children have also sent over a number of pictures they have made as well as £100 raised from the sale of hand-made Christmas decorations.