Donkey Derby under serious risk of cancellation

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Yet another family favourite event in Montrose is under threat. We have lost the Highland Games, and now the Donkey Derby is in serious doubt.

John Paton, convener, has explained that the difficulty is getting animals and riders to take part.

The Donkey Derby/ Summer Fair is run jointly by Montrose Rotary Club and Montrose Round Table, and has been a popular family event some 40 years, attended by hundreds of people on the day. There is no admission charge.

This year’s event was planned for June 30, and a number of stalls/sideshows had agreed to participate.

Mr Paton explained: “Originally donkeys featured but in latter years their availability became ever more scarce and ponies were brought in to take their place.

“In recent times we have been supported by members of the Kincardineshire Pony Club whose assistance is greatly appreciated but on this occasion they are not in a position to take

“Other sources have been explored but unfortunately they, too, are unable to participate and unless there is a last minute solution the event will be cancelled - for this year at least.

“Without the pony races there is no main attraction.”

Asked if there was a possibility that individual pony owners might be able to help, Mr Paton repled that there are then problems regarding insurance and organising the six or seven races. Pony Clubs took care of those requirements.

Mr Paton concluded: “Meantime we would take this opportunity to thank sponsors, advertisers, stall holders and especially members of the public who have so generously supported the event over the years.”