Drivers - turn off the full beam

Amanda taylor

I don’t particularly enjoy driving at nighttime, and it is purely because I always encounter drivers who think full beam is the default setting for headlights.

The worst culprits tend to be found on dual carriageways. They seem to think that if they are heading in the opposite direction, then full beam isn’t a problem.

Perhaps they don’t realise how dazzling it can be to other drivers. Or perhaps they just don’t care.

I enjoyed a recent week off, where I undertook a fair bit of travelling and both occasion I drove on the A90 at night at least two drivers failed to turn off their full beams.

What irritates me even more, is when motorists behind you sit with their full beams on.

At least with cars that are travelling in the opposite direct, you can flash them to make them aware of their lights faux pas. You can’t quite alert someone who is driving behind you.

So what ends up happening, is everytime you have a look in your rear view and wing mirror, you get blinded by the inconsiderate driver behind you.

I generally don’t bother putting my full beams on when I am driving on the dual carriageway.

There is almost always a car in front, or a car on the opposite carriageway, so by the time I turn my full beams on, it’s time to turn them off again.

Even when I am not on a dual carriageway, I have habit of turning my full beam off if I am driving round a bend, because there is nothing worse then suddenly been blinded by bright lights while navigating a tight corner.

It’s an issue that shouldn’t really be a big deal, but it can be so frustrating and off putting when you are driving, that it can rapidly ruin a mood (it certainly does mine).

It’s basic driving courtesy - like the obligatory thank you wave when someone lets you out of a junction.

Last week when I was driving up A9 during my time off, and had just finished a mental rant about these full-time full beamers when a traffic sign loomed out of the darkness with the words ‘Frustration can kill’.

It summed up my mood quite well.

So, for me at least, please don’t have your full beam on when there are other motorists about.

It’s dangerous, and inconsiderate.

Amanda Taylor