About 70 pupils a year could suffer

POSSIBLE threats to funding for Angus College in the light of government cutbacks, were discussed at Wednesday’s Angus Council’s education committee meeting.

Afterwards Councillor David May told the Review: “As well as my concerns about the Scottish Government’s cuts on college budgets and the possible impact on our outreach learning centre in Montrose, I expressed concern about the impact of SNP Government cuts on the range and number of courses.

“I have discovered that 37 per cent of young people leaving Montrose Academy in 2009/10 went to college. So about 70 Montrose young people yearly will be affected by these cuts.

“They are presently at Montrose Academy and will be faced with the fewer places at college and less choice of courses. This is yet another reason we have to fight the cuts and get the SNP minister to change his decision. He now has more money to dispose of now that the UK Government’s decision to freeze Council Tax in England has led to extra Barnett Consequential Funding for Scotland.”