Angus schools are meeting PE standards

The next generation of Scottish sports stars is being nurtured in Angus schools.

Statistics released by the Scottish Government show that Angus schools at primary and secondary level are hitting national PE targets.

In 2011, the Scottish Government made a commitment to ensure that by 2014, every pupil will benefit from at least two hours of PE in primary school and two periods in S1-S4.

In Angus, all primary and secondary school have achieved this. Only a handful of authorities in Scotland have met the national standard at both levels.

Education spokesperson Councillor Sheena Welsh said: “In Angus we are keen to increase opportunities for children to get involved in sport and physical activity which in turn improves health, educational attainment and life chances. We will continue to focus on ensuring the quality of physical education is improving all the time in our schools, providing activities which appeal to young people and encourage a lifelong interest in health and fitness.”