Angus Special Playscheme

Angus Special Playscheme

A CONCERNED reader, Nichola Wilkie, contacted us by Facebook to see if we could find an answer to her question.

She said: “I’ve just learned that Angus Council has suspended the Angus Special Playscheme! This is vital service that provides support for children with special needs during the school holidays, and is so sought after by many parents that there is a year-long waiting list for it.

“I do not know why they have done this and the staff don’t know either. Can you investigate and find out?”

First of all, the Angus Social Playscheme is not administrated by Angus Council.

It has its own organisation, and we spoke to Melanie Ford, the chairman.

She replied: “The Angus Special Playscheme has been temporarily suspended due to administrative issues which will not be resolved in time for the October playscheme.

“As we work to resolve these, we regret the temporary suspension of the scheme and the inconvenience caused.”

Whilst that may not answer all of Nichola’s questions, it does at least give hope that the Playscheme will be up and running again by November.