Fascinating visit for Academy pupils

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TWO MONTROSE Academy pupils, Ali Walker and Isla Thomson, were guests at last Tuesday’s Royal Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

Ali and Isla were nominated for their services to the school through music. Their group of three was completed by Charlotte McLean, Arbroath Academy, who was nominated for her services to the school.

Ali reported on the event for the Review, and told us that the gates opened at 3pm.

Guests presented their identification and were then left to mingle with each other, many sticking with the people they had come in with, but others doing the rounds.

Ali continued: “Light food snacks and drinks were served in various tea tents and at 4pm the guests assembled, facing the palace from where [Her Majesty] The Queen arrived to the sound of the National Anthem.

“She was accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, and other people of importance.”

Her Majesty entered from a staircase so that everyone had at least a glimpse of her before she joined the guests, chatting to some in passing before speaking to a young group of scouts.

The Royal party repaired to the royal tea tent at about 4.30pm and just after 5 they left, again to the national anthem.

Ali says: “Until the end of the party at 6pm the guests were left to wander around the gardens, exploring them and the ruined abbey, mingling with other guests and listening to the two military bands who played throughout the whole party, each taking it in turns from either end of the garden as to not to get out of breathe.

Charlotte was heard to comment: “The Queen looked radiant in blue.”