Help your local secondary

The SAINSBURY Active Kids voucher scheme has started, and Tesco for Schools and Clubs 2012 voucher scheme starts next week.

Montrose Academy is collecting both sets of vouchers to provide extra equipment across the curriculum.

Last year 19,000 vouchers were collected from Tesco and it is hoped to exceed that this year.

They were traded for sports equipment, art and craft materials and first aid kits as well as many other valuable additions to the school’s resources.

If you shop at Tesco or Sainsbury’s the school urges you to collect the vouchers and donate them. Collection boxes are available in the school’s reception area.

There is a competition within the school for the form class which collects the most vouchers.

You can help your daughter/son to be a winner by giving vouchers directly to them.

Ski Trip 2013

Any pupils interested in going on the ski trip next year should add their names to the list in room 21A.

Fairtrade Group

The Fairtrade group meet every Wednesday in room 34B, 1 to 2pm.


Please recycle ink cartridges, CDs, DVDs, iPods, mobile ‘phones and clothes in the Rag Bag and Recycool boxes in the foyer

School ties

School ties are on sale at the school admin and reception offices priced £3.50.

Green Group

The Green Group meet every Tuesday at lunchtime in room 21A. Pupil interested in environmental issues and who wants to help Montrose Academy as an Eco School can come along.

Dates for the Diary

Friday, March 30 – End of spring term; Monday, April 16 – Start of summer term; Monday, May 7 – May Day holiday; Monday, May 28 – In-service closure; Tuesday, June 5 – Queen’s Jubilee holiday; Thursday, June 28 – End of summer term.

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