Montrose Academy news

Academy Beetles

AS PART of their Dynamic Youth Award, a group of S1 pupils at Montrose Academy will hold a beetle drive in the school hall at 6pm on Friday, June 15.

Tickets cost £1.50 for adults and £1 for children, with refreshments included. There will also be a raffle and bake sale. All money raised will go to Taykids, a support group for children with diabetes, and their families.

Tesco vouchers

THE Academy’s Tesco voucher target is 20,000 - so far there are 7,988.

Last year 19,000 vouchers were collected, and vouchers were traded for sports equipment, art and craft materials and first aid kits as well as many other valuable additions to the School’s resources.

A spokesman said: “If you shop at Tesco please collect the vouchers and donate them to our cause and encourage friends and family to donate theirs too.

“Collection boxes are available in the school’s reception area. We are also running a competition for the form class that collects the most vouchers, so you can help your daughter/son to be a winner.”