Montrose Academy news round-up


Frankie Keenan and Amber Smith have both been selected to shoot for Scotland at the Junior National Championships in Telford this month and at the Junior Euronations in Ireland in August.

Biomass project

Hamish Macdonald-Mair, Courtney Fotheringham, Blair Colyer, Liam Mowatt, Jasmine Jamieson, Alexandra Blackburn have been awarded a National Crest Award (Silver) for their project on Biomass.

All the pupils worked very hard and presented their projects well.

The judges were very impressed with their planning and their understanding of the project.

Their behaviour was also impeccable and they were great ambassadors for Montrose Academy.

S1-3 Singing Trophy

There were over 40 entrants and the standard was very high. Judges Mrs Bruce and Mrs Peal chose Erin McGlynn as the winner.

Beetle drive raised £475

S2 pupils Aisha Lamont, Ellie Ferris, Ellie Simpson and Sophie Hussein organised a successful Beetle Drive which raised £475 for Taykids, a charity which supports young people in Tayside with diabetes.

Tesco vouchers final totals

DunD are the winners with an amazing 2,352 vouchers, leaving EskE in second position with 1,614, and third place goes to LunanD with 987.

The whole school total is 15,070.

Dates for the Diary

Monday, August 13 – in-service closure.

Tuesday, August 14 – extra in-service closure to be observed by secondary school pupils only.

Wednesday, August 15 – pupils return to school.

Friday, September 29 – end of Autumn term.

Monday, October 15 – pupils return to school.

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