New website for school meals

A NEW website has been launched to provide parents with a one-stop-shop for information about their children’s school meals.

Run by Assist, the association for all local authority facilities management providers, the site is fully interactive and aims to get pupils and parents involved by asking them to create content and to use the site for educational and fun purposes. Over the next few months more information will be added, including detailed school meals planners and monthly promotions for councils across Scotland, as well as some content on associated Youtube and Facebook pages.

The website will have general sections on nutrition, food waste, positive health messages and information for both parents and pupils

It will also carry school menus from across the country which will be fully interactive and include recipe and nutritional information for all main meals. As well as this individual councils will be able to offer monthly promotions to pupils.

Assist will also tie in with the Scottish Government and other food promotional agencies such as The Soil Association, The Scottish Food and Drink Federation, Zero Waste Scotland and Ecoschools.

Bill Kennedy, national chair of Assist, said: “Scotland has led the way in the UK when it comes to producing healthy balanced school meals.

“The food and drink industry is one of Scotland’s biggest employers, and it’s a great industry to work in. With these initiatives we hope that we can help develop our young people’s tastes and interest in food for the foreseeable future.”

The site can be found at