Pupils are ‘heartbroken’ by letter of criticism

SOUTHESK Primary pupils have rebuffed criticism that the have failed to keep their school’s grounds tidy and litter-free.

In a letter to the Review last week, one unnamed correspondent used the area around the school as an example of a litter hot-spot in the town, in need of attention from local councillors.

The letter stated: “Perhaps the four new councillors also should have a turn down to Southesk School and see how they deal or fail to deal with the litter droppings. Witness the mess on the grass area facing the harbour.”

In reply this week, the school’s eco committee has emphasised Southesk’s green credentials, of which keeping the school grounds tidy is just the start.

The committee is made up of 20 pupils who represent all classes and it co-ordinates a range of projects, from composting to recycling.

In a letter on behalf of the school, Primary 7 pupils Lisa Davidson and Blair Telfer said the children are “heartbroken because of the letter in the Review”.

They said: “We are doing everything we can do to stop litter.

“We bought new bins after fund-raising last year, but the seagulls still pull the litter out of the old bins and the wind blows it down to the fence.

“We have litter monitors, we’ve made anti-litter posters and we have regular litter assemblies so we are working very hard and we do have much less litter than we used to.

“The litter near the fence is not all from pupils.

“Once we found a metal cigarette box from the pub and there have been beer bottles, cigarette ends and lots of other stuff like that thrown over the fence.

“We have even found dog waste in bags thrown into our grounds.

“The janitor, all the staff and all the pupils are doing everything we can to get rid of the litter and be eco-friendly.

“We are disappointed that the letter writer didn’t get in touch with the school so that we could have explained to them what we are doing.”