Pupils perform well in exams

LOCAL pupils have been congratulated along with their teachers for their performance in this year’s SQA exams,

Results were issued last week and Angus Council’s education convener, Councillor Peter Nield, said the initial analysis reveals a “pleasing picture” overall.

The authority said that across the county the improving trend in the proportion of young people who, by the end of S4, achieve five or more awards at SCQF Level 3 has continued with a rise of one per cent to 93 per cent, the best performance since 2006.

It added that this reflects “very positive trends” for performance in maths and English at the same level.

More than three quarters of S4 pupils (77 per cent) achieved five or more awards at SCQF Level 4, an increase of one per cent from 2010. The proportion achieving five or more awards at SCQF Level 5 showed a slight fall of one per cent to 33 per cent, a performance consistent with that of recent years.

For S5 pupils, the council said results are even more positive across key performance measures. The proportions achieving one, three and five or more awards at Higher - SCQF Level 6 - represent, at 44 per cent, 25 per cent and 10 per cent respectively, an improvement in all three measures from 2010.

For two of these, one and three or more Highers, Angus’s performance in 2011 is the best since 2006. In the remaining third measure, five or more Highers, the 2011 performance is only narrowly the second best.

Against the three key measures at Higher level, the performance of Angus schools in 2011 was 47 per cent, 32 per cent and 21 per cent respectively.

For S6 pupils, there has been a slight decline in performance relative to 2010 although last year saw, by some margin, the best results achieved in Angus at Higher level in the last 10 years, with rises between four per cent and six per cent over performance in 2009.

Councillor Nield said: “The initial analysis of SQA attainment for 2011 offers a pleasing picture overall that reflects well on the hard work of the young people in Angus who sat these exams and the commitment of their teachers.”