Review scheme supported

Angus Council is supporting a scheme to ensure that pupils continue to enjoy a high standard of teaching.

The authority’s education committee was informed at its meeting last week that from April, the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTC) will become the world’s first independent self-regulating professional body for teaching.

The GTC regulates the teaching profession in Scotland and ensures that children are taught by qualified registered teachers.

As part of this reform, the Scottish Government placed the GTC Scotland under a duty to introduce a new scheme of professional review and development to help teachers keep their skills up to date.

This scheme is to be based on a supportive and rigorous system of professional review and development and build on the current good practice of helping teachers to keep their skill base current.

The committee also heard that the new independent GTC plans to introduce a new Framework on Teacher Competence to ensure a standard of professional competence expected by GTC for fully registered teachers.