Southesk youngsters see potential

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SOUTHESK Primary School has joined forces with the Montrose Heritage Trust to investigate the proposed upgrade to the waterfront.

Following last month’s announcement of a Big Lottery Scotland bid for funds to upgrade the historic waterfront, the Heritage Trust has been consulting many public and community bodies.

The headteacher of Southesk Primary, Pamela Walker, agreed to investigate the possibilities of using the proposed development area as a resource for the school, just across the road.

It was thought that it could be used as a form of ‘external classroom’ using the port, the lifeboat, the wildlife and the history information boards as learning aids.

The panoramic park area could also be used as an external playground, with children able to undertake activities in a safe waterside environment.

Depute head Beth Dow and teacher Anne May took pupils from classes P4 and P7 to investigate these ideas, and the youngsters gave them a very strong thumbs up.

The pupils were asked to make drawings, take photos and to put forward their own ideas for the development, and these have been passed on to the Heritage Trust. Some of them are likely to be incorporated into the designs for the scheme.

Anne May said: “It’s clear that a new Community Quayside at Wharf Street would be a great asset to our school. There is always something new to see and learn from if you have access to a port waterfront. It is such a beautiful setting that children will want to go there for fresh air, fun and activities.”

Trust chairman Andrew Orr said: “We are keen to get ideas from the community for this exciting project. In particular we would like ideas for a significant new waterfront feature. We’ve had good suggestions already and people can vote on these or offer something fresh.”