Students enter ‘Dragon’s Den’


COOKERY students at Angus College undertook as challenge with a difference recently as their end-of-year assessment - which included a session in the Dragon’s Den.

The Professional Cookery students, in teams of eight, spent three weeks on the project, two weeks of which were utilised to choose a theme for a simulated restaurant, advertising for patrons, then planning and costing a menu to deliver their chosen ethos.

The final week involved team members setting up a large table in the college’s popular Restaurant 56 for themed eating house, while others slaved over hot stoves next door.

Themes were The Ranch, serving burgers, wraps, ribs and Cajun wedges, while Nathaniel’s Restaurant featured the theme ‘Britain Goes Global’ and served up international dishes. Copper Tops, a restaurant celebrating ginger-haired people, featuring ginger and/or orange in every course. The selected menus were then served to a panel of judges.

After the meals, the teams mustered in a classroom to deliver their take on the exercise by means of video and PowerPoint presentations to the assembled Dragons.

Lecturer Lynne Potts said: “The exercise has been assessed over all three weeks of effort, to test teamwork, skill-building, and the ability to bring together all the aspects of the course.”