Taking steps to show off dance

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A plethora of art forms inspired dance students at D&A College whose latest production, ‘Collaboration’ is being staged at The Space at Kingsway Campus on Thursday, December 17.

A total of 11 collaborators, all studying HND contemporary dance, worked with actors, photographers, a film-maker, visual artists and composers to create their end-of-term piece.

This collaboration resulted in one HND acting and performance student taking to the stage for two separate performances in the space of a week.

Tara Contreras had a lead role the suffragette play, ‘Her Naked Skin’ and is also on stage for one of 11 pieces created by the HND dance students.

Also collaborating with an actor is Sarah Greene who has created a piece which actually reflects on a contemporary dance class – a sort of metafiction for dancers.

Sarah’s choreography involves two of her classmates and an actor on stage in a humorous physical theatre piece showing the inside take on dance life.

In contrast, Emily Christie, who dances in Sarah’s piece, has created a quartet inspired by struggle.

Emily worked with a photographer to tackle issues including people who struggle with body image.

The dance students have been working on ‘Collaboration’ for 12 weeks and used a wide range of music, from pop to classical.

Admission is free, curtain up at 7.30pm.