Eggs thrown at Montrose pensioners’ windows


Pensioners living in sheltered housing in Montrose were targeted by vandals who threw eggs at their windows.

Residents living in Servite House had eggs thrown at their windows on Saturday night (March 8) and one tenant in a ground floor flat had a vodka bottle smashed outside their window.

The sheltered accommodation backs onto a close, which the residents claim is regularly used as a drinking haunt.

Jim Shaw (61), who lives in the sheltered housing, said: “This is getting out of hand. It could be a brick next time.”

He said that pensioners living in Servite House are “nervous” and “scared” after the incident.

“Would the people who did this do that to their granny? No. So why do they feel they can do it here?” he added.

The close, which is next to Nationwide and the former Dorothy Perkins store, was cleaned up in August last year by The Civic Pride Group after the tenants of Servite House complained about the mess left down it by people, including cigarette butts and drink cans.

However, in February the state of the close was brought up at a Montrose Community Council meeting by Mr Shaw, who is treasurer of the community body, after it was left in a disgusting state once again.

Mr Shaw is calling for gates to be put up at both ends of the close, similar to the ones on the close near M & Co store, on the High Street, which could be locked and night and opened during the day.

The close is used a thoroughfare from to the station.

Mr Shaw said: “People can use Railway Close to get to the station, which is cleaner and has paving. Why would they want to use this close when they can use one that is nicer?“

He added: “If the council put up gates at either end of the close and gave me a brush I would keep the close tidy.”

Angus Council has adopted six out of the 20 to 30 closes in Montrose, including Railway Close, but it says it cannot afford to take on any more

Mr Shaw added: “The police need to monitor the close more with CCTV cameras.”

Local Community Officer Ally Hutchison said he will be monitoring the close this weekend with CCTV cameras.