Elderly lady says bus drove off without her at Ferryden

AN ANGRY Elizabeth Smart visited the Review office to tell us about a bus she was about to get onto - which she claims then set off without her because the driver was going home for his tea.

Elizabeth, of Queen Street, explained that she and a friend, both of whom admit to being in their 80s, were in Ferryden on Friday, May 27.

It was not the warmest of days, and they were looking forward to getting on board the 47 service bus at 3.35pm which has Midgrip Cottages on the destination board.

But when the bus turned up, she alleges, to their amazement, the driver refused them entry and said that he had finished his shift and was going home to Arbroath for his tea.

Elizabeth continued: “We were left in the freezing cold wind, awaiting the next service bus at 4.10pm.”

Still incensed, she concluded: “Is this for real?”

We spoke to the operator of the service, Stagecoach Strathtay, and a spokeswoman told us: “We have not been contacted directly by the customers regarding this complaint, the details of which do not match our own records. We would urge the passengers to contact us directly on 01382 313700 to discuss the issue with the local operations manager and provide further information so that we can investigate fully.”