Emotions left undisturbed in ‘Grace of Monaco’ flop

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. PA Photo/Warner Brothers.
Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. PA Photo/Warner Brothers.

Olivier Dahan’s fictionalised account of a turbulent year in the life of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly begins with newsreel footage of the Oscar-winning star’s wedding to Prince Rainier III.

Grainy images are complemented by effusive voiceover, which predicts the blonde starlet is “destined to live happily ever after with her charming prince”.

Dahan’s picture lacks substance and some of his directorial choices are misjudged such as photographing the porcelain features of Nicole Kidman in soft-focus close-up for every scene of emotional turmoil.

It is set in 1962, six years after Grace (Kidman) married Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth) and retired from acting to assume her role as glamorous figurehead of the European principality of Monaco.

She is offered the role of a lifetime by Hitchcock so must choose between personal dreams and regal responsibilities.

Kidman attempts to capture Kelly’s vocal patterns but she’s poorly served by the script and Roth is lacklustre.

Perhaps deserving of the barrage of razor-sharp critical barbs that greeted the film’s premiere in Cannes.