A smaller lorry - or leave the bins at the road?

REFUSE collecting at Lower Logie was discussed at Wednesday’s meeting of Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council.

About three years ago Angus Council said the vehicle they were using was too large to be turned safely, and that householders would have to take their wheelie bins to the nearest point of the vehicle’s new route.

Chairman Mrs Kitty Ritchie reminded members that a letter had been sent to Angus Council, suggesting that a smaller vehicle be used for this area, but no direct response had been received.

Instead, Angus Council had suggested that residents leave their bins at the collection point and take waste to them. This would save them hauling them about.

On a related topic, Angus Councillor David May said he was dismayed that people are not using the dog mess bins that have been provided on the Kinnaber cycle track. Mrs Ritchie said she was horrified by the mess.

It was revealed that bins have now been placed at each end of the track.

In another discussion about roads, Graham Stephen mentioned repeated flooding, up to 10 inches deep, in two areas between Hillside and Marykirk.