Action urged to help Scotland’s bee population

Local MP Mike Weir is urging Angus residents to take action to save the Great Yellow Bumblebee - the nation’s ‘iconic’ bee.

A new University of Reading report has identified parts of Scotland as highly important to the bumblebee and highlights habitat loss and the decline of bees across the country.

Bee-lovers have already taken more than 2,213 actions to save bees in Scotland as part of Friends of the Earth’s ‘Bee Cause’ campaign, including planting bee-friendly seeds, signing petitions and building ‘bee hotels’ to replace lost natural habitat.

Mr Weir, who has backed the campaign, said: “It’s amazing, pardon the pun, but I never thought bees would create such a buzz. It’s great to see people helping the Great Yellow Bumblebee.

“As a keen, if not particularly good, gardener I recognise the importance of bees and have ensured there are bee friendly plants in my garden, and harmful chemicals are kept out.

“It is vital, however, that both the UK and Scottish Governments also take action and I have called upon them to introduce a Bee Action Plan to tackle all major causes of bee decline.”

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