Chairman’s concern for older folk’s bins

ARE YOU a senior citizen who has difficulty getting your bin up an unmade road to the point where Angus Council’s bin lorry will make a collection?

That was the question asked by Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council chairman Kitty Ritchie at Wednesday’s meeting in Hillside village hall.

The point rose during discussions about an unmade road at Lower Logie, which has appeared on the council agenda on previous occasions.

Mrs Ritchie is firmly of the opinion that the road, on Craigo Estate, is a matter within the scope of the community council, whilst the estate factor, Edward Russell, is equally adamant that it is not.

The condition of the road during inclement conditions has provoked questions in the past.

Gill Davies said she had spoken to the driver of the tanker which delivers oil to households in the area, and he takes the precaution of ‘phoning ahead if he thinks there might be problems in turning and getting back up.

Mrs Ritchie is concerned about the condition of bridges that emergency services might have to cross and said Angus Council has a statutory duty to inspect them. Councillor David May said he would check whether bridges on private roads come under the legislation.

Coastguards use the road to get to the river, but they have no problem as they use four-wheel drive vehicles.

Mrs Ritchie reiterated her belief that it is vital to get a bin lorry down that road to service the houses on it.