‘Close’ encounter of the litter kind


AN ANGRY reader contacted the Review on Wednesday afternoon about the state of one of Montrose’s closes.

He had collected visitors from London at the railway station, and had taken them through what he imagined to be a charming short-cut to the High Street.

The close in question is the one that emerges between numbers 58 and 62 High Street.

After negotiating steep steps with no handrail, and taking his guests through patches of churned up mud, the final straw was to find paper, cans, plastic bottles and other litter just before the final passage to the High Street.

The visitors were not impressed, and our reader told them that he would take them back to the station via Hume Street.

He clearly feels that the town should be able to take pride in its famous closes, and queried if Angus Council had any responsibility for the close, or was it on private land.

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “The council has no responsibility to clean or maintain this close, which appears to form a through route between two public roads.

“If it has been used by the public for a continuous 20-year period, it is likely to be a public right of way, but this does not affect the council’s responsibility for maintenance of the close.”

The Review’s investigation of the various closes off the High Street suggests that the one our reader chose is the worst by some margin. Whilst some others could do with a good bit of cheering up, none looked as derelict as the one in question.