Closie encounters

THE SUBJECT of cleaning closes between buildings was discussed by the Civic Pride Sub Group of Montrose Together Partnership at its March meeting.

It was revealed that Angus Council has adopted and looks after Trades Close, Review Close, Queens Close, Swapps Close, Parks Close and Railway Close. These are cleaned daily.

Some of the remaining closes are privately owned, and also some of the closes are owned by retailers from national chains of shops.

It was felt than an approach could be made to the managers of these shops, to ascertain if they would be willing to come on board to clean up their closes to the benefit of all Montrose.

Street cleaning and refuse uplift schedules were also on discussed.

On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday a mini street sweeper does the pavements on High Street, Hume Street, Mill Road and Baltic Street.

A barrow and operative are on same streets and highlight trouble spots from Monday to Friday.

Wednesday is green box collection day; Tuesday is domestic grey bin collections; Tuesday is cardboard collection; and Monday and Thursday are commercial collection days.

It was noted that any change to the above would only be made due to operations needs or substantial lack of resources.

Two litter patrols are carried out twice a week in Montrose and if anyone is caught dropping litter a fixed penalty fine is enforced.