Community council continues gull debate

WHEN Montrose Community Council met last week in the Academy, the problems caused by gulls were again on the agenda.

Members recalled an Angus Council report in which it was stated that hawks were being used to deter gulls in the county.

However, members were unaware of having seen or having had reported to them any sightings of hawks at work.

Instances of gulls being attracted by people feeding them in their gardens or in the street are well known.

It is, however, possible for such people in streets to be given fixed penalty tickets for dropping litter.

It was recollected that one local resident regularly feeds gulls, claiming she has been doing so for 17 years, with one gull having been present throughout that time. She was quoted as saying that she would die rather than stop the feeding.

One gentleman present said that he had been attacked by gulls twice in recent days.

The impression is strong that Angus Council, now and in the past, does not want to be seen by the public nationally to be the council that starts killing gulls.

The council does hold a licence to cull, and this can be done either by shooting or wringing necks - shooting being the normal method.

But the licence has never been used.

The council can be contacted via the ACCESSline for a site visit to offer advice about problems with gulls.