AS PROMISED, Angus Council has issued consultation documents to householders in Hillside, regarding the proposed crossing facility improvements and traffic calming features on Main Road.

The documents, from traffic manager Graham Harris, review the history of the proposals, recalling that residents and elected members had expressed concern about the speed of traffic on Main Road.

This led to difficulties experienced by pedestrians, in particular schoolchildren and the elderly/infirm, in crossing near Park Cottages and the footpath to Inverarity Crescent.

There was a hiccup when it was discovered that the community council’s preferred option included a feature which would have adversely affected fuel deliveries to Park Cottages. A revised plan, as described, was devised and it avoids the previous problems.

The consultation document includes a map of the location indicating the proposed work to be done.

Those taking part are asked if they agree, disagree or don’t know about the proposed work. There is a space for additional comments, and those filling in the form are asked if they use the street as pedestrian, cyclist, driver or bus/taxi passenger.

Comments are sought by February 3.

It is also possible to submit comments on the online part of the council’s website at