Councillor’s mission to reduce trip hazards


AFTER complaints by Montrose Community Council about the state of the pavements in Montrose High Street, local councillor Mark Salmond last week invited roads officials to join him and members of Montrose Community Council on a walk around the affected area.

He told the Review: “The catalyst for this initiative was the fall and injury of an elderly Montrose lady on the High Street. I am continually feeding into roads officers the complaints I receive from members of the public about cracked slabs and trip hazards, but after this lady sustained a severe injury I felt the time had come to let them see the problems themselves.”

The councillor continued: “We spent over two hours walking both sides of the High Street listing all the issues we came across, and it was interesting that we were stopped by many local residents who alerted us to other issues. Many cracked and broken slabs were identified along with blocked gully drains.

“One other area we found which disappointed us greatly was the amount of weeds growing on our High Street. This is very unsightly and is not the appearance I want for Montrose High Street. While the council has a scheme for weed treatment it is obviously not up to scratch an I have asked the officers to re-look at how the weed treatment works, with a view for improvement.”

Mr Salmond concluded: “This walk-about was a worthwhile initiative as I know the roads officers certainly had their eyes opened. All the problems identified are being put into a programme of improvement works which will be prioritised and rolled out over the coming months.”