Dismay over speed humps

Reader John Page, 8 Panter Crescent, has expressed disappointment that Angus Council is going to install speed humps in that road.

He told us: “I have lived in my present house in Panter Crescent for over 30 years and the only appreciable difference in the traffic pattern in that time is the number of cars which use the road and also the number of residents’ cars parked on the road.

“At times the road is a veritable chicane and has the effect of slowing down the traffic. The questionnaire was a complete waste of time because all we were really asked to do was give our opinion on the siting of the humps.

“I strongly objected to having one placed directly in front of my house but I would imagine that, as the matter was more or less a fait accompli, my objection would be ignored as I have yet to hear of any changes to the hump sites.”