Dun and Hillside Youth Club group keen on Mount Kean!

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MEMBERS of Dun and Hillside Youth Club and some of their leaders climbed to the top of Mount Kean on Saturday as a sponsored event to raise money for their forthcoming weekend at the Compass Christian Centre in Glen Shee.

Starting from the top of Glen Esk it was a six-hour round trip, walking and climbing to the top of Mount Kean, one of Scotland’s favourite Munroes, and back.

With a few murmurs of complaint about the distance and the discomfort on the way, all of the party, young and not so young, made it to the top.

There was a warm breeze down at Queen’s Well and an icy gale at the top of the mountain, but the views on the way were magnificent across the Grampians and everyone agreed that we are privileged to live in such an amazingly beautiful part of the world.

Already the youth club is planning its next Munro for another day!