East Links regeneration proposal

LOCAL councillor Mark Salmond has asked Angus Council to look at options to develop Montrose’s East Links area.

Mr Salmond said the regeneration of the area, which already features several leisure facilities, would be a valuable asset to the town’s economic future.

He said: “I have asked the director of neighbourhood services to bring a report to his committee on February 23 to get agreement that a working group of interested stakeholders be formed to look at ways of regenerating the East Links.

“This area is of major importance for Montrose’s tourism and leisure future and I want to ensure its future economic and tourism potential is maximised.”

Suggestions for the area’s redevelopment have been put forward by Montrose Together, which has considered ideas for a BMX and mountain bike skills course developed on common land at the links between the Seafront Splash and the skate park at the Ashie car park.

The idea for the skills course was first put forward by Montrose Together in 2009. The following year, after a favourable environmental report on the East Links area, members of Angus Council’s neighbourhood services committee agreed in principle to proposals including an expansion of the skate park’s facilities and the development of a BMX skills course.

Additions to the skate park would include additional grind rails and boxes, tarmacing sections of the skating area and improving the viewing area.

Councillor Salmond added: “The East Links area covers our golf courses, caravan park, seaside splash and cafe, golf clubhouses and Roo’s Leap.

“I would like to see all these stakeholders working together to promote and maximise the areas tourism potential. If these stakeholders could agree to form a private public partnership this may open up opportunities for external funding to regenerate the area from outside agencies.”

Councillor Salmond also said the Seafront Splash and beachfront cafe are major attractions for locals and visitors and that he is already working with the cafe owner to ensure that the council’s litter collections and the daily cleaning regime are improved for next season.

He added: “One area which has been a major niggle in the Splash area is the opening hours of the public toilets and I hope that this would be one of the first issues that the new stakeholder group would look to address with Angus Council.”