Fairtrade Forum spread the good news in town

TWO PRINCIPAL items on the agenda of Montrose Fairtrade Forum’s recent meeting were the forthcoming new leaflet, and the visit from an African sugar producer - both connected with Fairtrade Fortnight.

Mr Ian Sykes presided.

Proof copies of the leaflet were shown by Laura Paterson, and minor amendments were agreed before 5,000 copies are printed by Scotmid. Peter Stevens suggested that the website address should be added to the leaflet so that any retailers/caterers can contact the committee if they wish to appear on future editions. An e-mail address will be added.

The leaflets will be launched at the annual general meeting on March 1 in Fairtrade Fortnight and will thereafter be distributed to the library, access offices, museum, etc.

Kelly Ann Dempsey is preparing an itinerary for sugar producer Masauko Khembo’s three-day visit to Angus, from March 1 to 3. He will attend the Montrose AGM on the Thursday evening and the Montrose Farmer’s Market on the Saturday morning. Various other visits are being arranged for him.

There is still work to be done in achieving the five Fairtrade goals they have been set. There need to be more workplaces offering Fairtrade in the Angus Fairtrade Zone and there also needs to be more Zone wide publicity showing what the Zone has collectively been doing.

The chairman will compile a list of potential workplaces to contact to see if they use Fairtrade products. Mr Stevens suggested a competition should be launched throughout Angus schools asking pupils to design a Angus Zone logo.

He will also contact the retailers individually after the January meeting to suggest they display Fairtrade products during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Mr Stevens has stepped down from his position in Montrose Churches Together and Ann Morrow of the Baptist church is considering taking over his role.

The next meeting of Montrose Fairtrade Forum will be at 4pm on January 26 in Montrose Academy.