Ferryden Flood group taking shape

FERRYDEN has the basis of a group to deal with the village’s flooding issues when they arise.

At last week’s community council meeting, chairman Gordon Brown said that several people have volunteered to join the group although he pointed out that further guidance will be needed from Angus Council regarding how to progress it.

The move follows a presentation at last month’s meeting about Ferryden’s continuing flooding problem. Walter Scott, design manager with Angus Council’s roads division, encouraged members to form the group which he said would bring together local and council expertise along with valuable local knowledge.

A site meeting was held in the village earlier in March when community councillors pointed out the village’s flooding areas and discussed possible causes.

During spells of heavy rain Burnside Place and Ogilvie Terrace have become blocked and while one of the causes appears to be water pouring off fields behind the village and down Craig Terrace, it can be aggravated at times of high tide.

At its worst, the main street has become virtually impassable and Mr Brown has previously raised concerns about possible difficulties faced by emergency services answering a call-out in the village.

The group, which it is hoped would have some input from the emergency services, would be responsible for forming contingency plans to be put in to action during flooding incidents, such as alternative routes to and from the village and organising help for the more vulnerable members of the community.

He said: “We have some willing bodies roped in to help and have identified some other names but we need to hear a bit more about what to do next.

“Some people have been asking what’s involved before they volunteer, and if we start to over-commit ourselves nothing will get done.

“Fingers crossed that we’ll have the summer months which will give us a chance to get organised.”