First step in saving building from ruin

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FOR MANY years, the exterior of the old clothing shop in John Street had fallen further and further into disrepair.

The property had no gutterings or down pipes and the paintwork on the façade of the building was peeling off.

Councillor Mark Salmond takes up the story: “This building had become something of an eyesore and was not a pleasant sight for locals or visitors heading to the hotels in the Mid Links and Splash Park. I had constant complaints and the issue was a regular item on the agenda of Montrose Community Council.

“I raised the issue with Angus Council’s planning department which entered discussions with the owner. I was assured on many occasions over the years that work was imminent but nothing happened.

“Getting ever more frustrated I requested that the Planning Enforcement Offer become involved and I am now delighted that the owner has worked with planning officers to improve the appearance of the exterior.”

Mr Salmond added “Since the work has been completed I have had many positive comments on the new improved appearance of the building. I would like to thank the owner for having the work done. I appreciate that the current economic situation makes it more difficult for owners to invest in empty properties but they do have a duty to keep them safe and of a reasonable appearance.

“I would hope that in the not to distant future, the interior of the building can be fully renovated and a new use can be made of the building.”