Flood prevention is working

IT WAS just in the autumn that the Review reported serious flooding at Rossie Braes, with the garden centre badly affected as well as private dwellings on the Basin side of the A92.

Angus Council did a great deal of work to improve the drainage, and the Review decided it was time to find out if this has been successful - particularly given the torrential rain we have had in recent weeks.

Allana Urquhart, proprietor of Rossie Braes Garden Centre, is cautiously optimistic that the problem has been solved.

She told our reporter: “A lot of work was done to divert water before it accumulated at the bottom of the field and then flowed into the garden centre and on to the road.

“While there hasn’t quite been a comparable flash flood type of rainfall, there have certainly been no more problems.”

She concluded: “But we need a bit more time before we can be 100 per cent certain.”