Funding options for Scurdieness cairn

The erosion-threatened cairn at Scurdieness.'Staff photo
The erosion-threatened cairn at Scurdieness.'Staff photo

FUNDING sources are to be explored to help prevent a marker cairn near Ferryden from falling into the sea.

At Ferryden Community Council’s recent meeting, member David Wilson said that design schemes to protect the cairn are being considered although funding would still have to be found.

After consultation with an Angus Council roads engineer, however, one low-cost option has been put forward.

The cairn, built beside Scurdieness Lighthouse by the community council, marks a finishing point for the annual Great Outdoors Challenge coast to coast walk but is being threatened by coastal erosion which could undermine it completely. Preventative work had been tentatively estimated at around £8,000.

Mr Wilson, who lives at the lighthouse, said: “He came up to the site, discussed my plan and some ideas have sprung up since then. The latest idea is that we’re hoping to get some rock from an old quarry near Usan farmstead. There are some huge boulders that maybe we could lift. If we get enough boulders and place them where the sea is most powerful we can backfill.

“He has a design in mind and will draw up a sketch for us to put to planning, so it will be from a very experienced person. His idea is to use geotextile, which would hold the rubble in place, and then plant marram grass. It’s a great way to get plant material and to protect it.”

Councillor David May said he has recommended that the council’s external funding department could be contacted to find out what funding possibilities would be available for the scheme.