GSK apprentices thanked

ENGINEERING apprentices from GlaxoSmithKline have featured in the annual report by Mill of Benholm chairman Ian Hunter.

Mr Hunter praised the apprentices, who carried out a “good overhaul” of the watermill, ensuring its big wheel keeps turning for the forseeable future.

He also thanked Biotechnics of Gourdon for financial and product support, and also the Reid Family and the Dunnottar Bodgers for their donations of wood.

The wide range of activities at the Mill were highlighted. For instance, the very popular Tay Bird Ringers, led by David Arthur, were at the Mill again for a couple of sessions in the spring entertaining and informing young and old about the fascinating science of bird migration.

Mr Hunter continued: “In progressing our aims to develop partnerships with the wider community we are delighted that Transition Mearns, with the assistance of the Mearns Area Partnership, have decided to base their cycle repair project and allotment in the grounds. Their mission, which is to promote a sustainable lifestyle, makes their members particularly welcome at the Mill.

“The Aberdeen Amateur Radio Group again chose the Mill as the venue to take part in the world wide ‘Mills on the Air’ event and were very happy to share their enthusiasm with visitors.”

But there are still problems, and Mr Hunter reported: “One serious concern we presently have at the Mill is for the state of the river containment wall. It is badly eroded and efforts are being made to attract finance for its repair.

“To increase the long term viability of the Mill of Benholm Project the trustees would like to increase the number of trainee places.

“The Mill, however, is deficient in indoor space for workshop working and last year we reported that we were considering an ambitious construction project. In the light of the current financial climate it was decided to scale down the plans so a planning application has been lodged for a log cabin style building overlooking the Mill Pond. In line with our policies the building will be available for community use at other times.”