Help Councillor convince Scottish Water to take urgent flood prevention action

AS A result of representations made to him by constituents, Councillor Mark Salmond has arranged a meeting for Friday involving officials from Scottish Water, and other interested parties.

The topic, as you might guess, is the flooding which afflicted numerous local roads last Wednesday, and in particular Western Road North, where floodwater entered the premises of two garages, Ian Guthrie Motors, and Kevin Dey.

Mr Salmond hopes to persuade the officials that investigative work should be undertaken in the places worst affected, including Aulton Way and other areas such as Graham Crescent which we pictured under water in last week’s Review.

And the councillor issued a plea to people who had been affected by the flooding.

He said: “It will help if people e-mail me photographs they took of the flooding, so that I can present as much evidence as possible to Scottish Water.”

You can do this to the e-mail address

Or if you have a particular point to make, Mr Salmond can be reached on mobile number 07789 618305.

He revealed that there were problems again on Saturday in the Western Road North area, and that he had to call out Angus Council’s emergency team. They did what was required to alleviate the risk of further flooding.

And problems were also encountered on Beach Road on Saturday, when the road was badly flooded in the area of the caravan site.

Large pools of water were still in evidence on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Salmond told us: “This was dealt with on Monday, and soak-aways were cleared out.

“But Montrose is a tourist town and these problems have to be resolved.”

Meanwhile, a problem concerning a burst water main in Hillside which was highlighted last week has been resolved - almost.

The ruptured water main was in Main Road about 200 yards up from the war memorial.

Alex Imrie, who drew our attention to the problem, has kept us up-to-date with the situation.

He confirmed at the end of last week that the water main had been repaired the following day, finishing at about 8pm.

But he still had concerns.

He told us: “The pavement, however, has still not been repaired where the hole was dug down to get at the pipe and barriers are still there. Also, the road is a bit of a mess.

“The pipe was several feet under the surface - four to five feet.

“I can only guess at how long the pipe must have been leaking before the water eventually appeared through the surface of the road and pavement.

“As there are significant signs of subsidence and upheaval on that part of the road, I expect it may have been for quite some time.

“Do you know who is liable for the damage to the road in such a case?”

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “It will be necessary for Scottish Water to investigate further whether the burst water main was responsible for the subsidence, or whether the subsidence caused the main to burst.

“This area will be reinstated as quickly as possible. We would encourage customers to report leaks directly to our Contact Centre on 0845 601 8855.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to our customers that may have been caused by this burst water main.”