High standard of exhibits at town’s annual flower show

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MONTROSE and District Horticultural Society held its annual show in the Links Hotel on Saturday.


RHS Banksian Medal, Most points in Horticultural Classes - George Stewart, Montrose.

The Barclay Ross & Hutchinson Rose bowl, Best Exhibit in Show - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

The George Kerr Memorial Cup, Best Exhibit in Horticultural Classes - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

The Hobbs Cup, Best Pot Plant - R. Milne, Ferryden.

Society Silver Cup, Pot Plants for Table Decoration, Class 4 - George Stewart, Montrose.

The C & V Stewart Challenge Trophy, Two Fuscias Bush, Double Two Varieties, Class 13 - George Stewart, Montrose.

The Provost A.D. Todd Cup, Collection of Vegetables, Class 50 - Mr D. Duke, Brechin.

The Provost W. Douglas Johnston Cup, Mini Collection of four Vegetables Class 51 - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

The Lyndale ‘Soupbowl’, Collection of Vegetables, Class 53 - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

The Angus Challenge Trophy, Three Blanched Leeks, Class 56 - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

The Wullie Whyte Memorial Cup, Best Tomatoes in Show, Class 58-61 - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

Society Shield, Best Onion Sets Classes 64 and 65 - Sam Millar, Bogindollo.

The A. Mair Cup, Collection of Onions, Class 67 - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

The David Sim Cup, Collection of Shallots, Class 72 - Sam Millar, Bogindollo.

The R.B. Small Memorial Tray, Collection of Potatoes, Class 89 - Ed Mitchell, Lunan.

Society Silver Medal, Best Exhibit in Fruit Section outwith Collection - Mr Peter Stevens, Montrose.

Society Silver Cup, Large Gladioli, Class 155 - George Stewart, Montrose.

The Links Lodge Floribunda Trophy, One Vase Floribunda Roses, Class 184 - Kay Lees, Ferryden.

The Dunninald Bow, Container of Cut Flowers - David Pullar, Ferryden.

The Gannochy Trophy, Most Points in Beginners’ Section - Mrs Eve Sutcliffe, Leys of Dun.

The Finnella Trophy, Best Exhibit in Beginners’ Section - Mrs Margaret Insh, Montrose.

The Celurca Trophy, Angus Floral Art Championship, most points in Classes 252-255 - Mrs C. Dey, Montrose.

The Society Silver Cup, Best Exhibit in Floral Art Section - Mrs C. Dey, Montrose.

The Society Silver Cup, most points in Classes 256- 257 - Mrs Hilda Herald, Laurencekirk.

Angus & Mearns Floral Art Club Trophy, most points in Classes 258 & 259 - Mrs Hilda Herald, Laurencekirk.

Society Shield, One Vase Mixed Garden Flowers, Class 231 - Caidee Lee, Montrose.

The Juniors Cup, Most Points in Children’s Section - Chelsea Annat, Montrose.

Ian Sherriff Trophy, Runner-up in Children’s section - Caidee Lee, Montrose.

Society Silver Cup, Most Points in Knitting Classes - Margaret Ligertwood, Montrose.

Society Silver Cup,- Most points in Miscellaneous Classes Davina Paton, Montrose.

The Miss McMaster Cup, Most points in Baking Classes - Mrs D. Fotheringham, Montrose.

Society Silver Cup, Most Points in Preserve Classes - Amanda Annat, Montrose.

Society Silver Cup, Most Points in Industrial Section - Mrs Hilda Herald, Laurencekirk.

The Kerr Cup, Best Exhibit in Industrial Section - Mrs D. Fotheringham, Montrose.

Jane Stephen Memorial Silver Salver, Best Exhibit in Cross Stitch - Amanda Annat, Montrose.