It’s time to have gulls’ nests removed

PEOPLE are reminded that a free gull egg and nest removal service is currently on offer from Angus Council.

The service for residential properties is available during the period when gulls are typically building nests or have eggs in a nest.

The council is urging residents to get in touch to book the service before the eggs have been laid, because treatment cannot legally be undertaken after they have hatched.

Commercial premises will still be expected to deal with gull nests as part of their general maintenance programme and to meet the cost involved.

Residents who require the removal of eggs and nests, or would like more information about the service, should contact Angus Council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.

There is also advice on the council’s website, which includes frequently asked questions such as: “What can the public do to assist in dealing with the problem?”

It is important that the public is aware that gulls are attracted to areas where food is plentiful. Gulls are opportunistic and will scavenge waste bins and look for food from the public. The council urges residents not to feed gulls at home, or in areas such as parks and other open spaces.

The public and businesses are asked to ensure litter and other food waste is properly stored and/or disposed of using the bins provided.