Montrose coastal erosion petition sent to Nicola Sturgeon

Montrose Beach
Montrose Beach

A petition to combat coastal erosion in Montrose has been sent to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Montrose ex-pat Douglas Smith, who lives in Mynamar, set up Save Montrose from the waves.

It has now surpassed its target number of signatures of 1000.

Douglas said: “After four weeks the petition set up to help save Montrose from the waves has well over 1000 signatures.

“While it is being allowed to collect more signatures, it has been forwarded to the Scottish Parliament to Nicola Sturgeon’s office.

“Interest by MSPs and local councillors has been acknowledged. Some have even signed it too. I am very pleased with the attention it has received by MSPs.

“It is important to ensure people are aware of the petition not only to ensure they make their feelings known but to raise awareness generally of the disintegration of the dune system and beach in Montrose.

“We don’t want to lose the golf course, the beach or parts of Montrose.

“It is a big project and we need national awareness and resources.”

The petition can be found at: