More tales of gull attacks on terrified people


REACTION to our recent reports about attacks by seagulls has shown that there is real fear for personal safety in the community.

For example, Derek Muir, West Terrace, Ferryden, is plagued by one gull which has taken a deep loathing to humanity and attacks not only him but a neighbour and a driving instructor.

He says it also took a spite against frightened children on their way home from school.

Derek says: “The seagull has taken residence on a nearby chimney. It swoops down to attack and is inches away from your head.

“I have witnessed this gull attacking many others and have called the Access Line a few times. To date I do not think anything has been done. I was told they are a protected species if the babies have hatched, but am unsure if there are eggs or babies.

“I was told the person who deals with the seagulls is in the area on a Wednesday but again I have seen no evidence of this.

“The first time it happened I was covered head to toe with seagull droppings; the second time I couldn’t get out of my car to get into the house because the seagull continued to swoop down on me and has happened many times since.”

And a gentleman in River Street, says he has counted up to 200 gulls on nearby shed roofs.

He said: “They are very aggressive, and even more so as fledglings fall out of nests.”

He added that it is very difficult to get a proper night’s rest, commenting: “It’s like sleeping in a seagull colony!”

The gentleman kindly allowed the Review access to an upper room in his house to view the constant colony of gulls that can be found on the roofs of commercial premises in the area.

Our first reaction was astonishment at the amount of noise which he told us was 24 hours a day.

Like other people who have lived in Montrose for many years, he concluded, sadly: “It was nothing like this when I was young.”