Much on agenda at Hillside

When Hillside, Dun and Logie Pert Community Council met in Craigo Hall, it was noted that the recent ‘It’s a Knockout’ had been a huge success.

The community council sponsored the insurance for this community event, at a cost of £116. Several members of the community council had taken part, throwing themselves in with gusto.

There had also been involvement with the recent Glamis Gathering, which had been less well attended. Weather had been a factor, but it was also felt that the entry price was too high.

Planning secretary, Jim Atkinson, said there had been 82 planning applications in the previous month, four of which were relevant to the area.

It was felt that an application to alter and extend Tullynessie, Hillside, would lead to over-intensification, and be out of keeping with surrounding houses. It was said the extension would make the existing building 60 per cent bigger. A letter of representation will be sent to Angus Council’s planning department, also citing problems with drainage in the small cul-de-sac where the house is situated, and loss of privacy at an adjacent property.

It was also agreed to object to an application for a dwelling on a strip of land adjacent to the Hillside Hotel’s beer garden. Members felt there would be loss of amenity to customers of the hotel (which is leased).

Mr Atkinson gave a report on the bi-annual meeting involving Angus Council and community councils.

There will be a gala day in Angus to celebrate the Commonwealth Games, date to be announced.

A total of £170,000 will be made available for First World War commemorative events, with a £5,000 maximum single grant. Ideas for events can be passed on to Angus Council on 01307 473222.

He also said that it was made clear that Angus Council’s restructuring was not primarily based on cost saving, but was to make the Council more effective.

The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on August 14 at Hillside Village Hall.