Potholes in Paton’s Lane are past history


THE LONG saga of who was responsible for re-surfacing a stretch of Paton’s Lane has now ended with the re-surfacing works being completed at Angus Council’s expense.

The issue arose because Paton’s Lane was an unadopted road, which means that Angus Councils Roads Department is not responsible for its maintenance. The road was allowed to fall into disrepair with arguments about who should pay the resurfacing bill.

Councillor Mark Salmond said: “I visited the area last week to check on the new resurfacing and I am delighted that the works are now completed. Local residents and bus users will get a far smoother journey over this section of road after years of potholes.”

He added: “After discussions with the Director of Corporate Services I was able to put together a funding proposal to allow the resurfacing to go ahead. The committee report which agreed the £26,000 funding also proposed that the road be adopted by Angus Council once the works were completed, which means all future maintenance will be carried out by Angus Council.

“This road is one of the bus routes to the Health Centre and it was vital to ensure that this service continued as the bus company was threatening to withdrawn the service due to the poor condition of the road.”